Dedicated to the restoration, preservation and use of antique and classic motor vehicles.

Dedicated to the restoration, preservation and use of antique and classic motor vehicles.

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COVID-19 and its changing requirements continues to have a substantial effect on the Clubs runs and meetings. The situation from 30th July is updated as follows:



We want to get these underway and the only opportunity under the present restrictions is to go to open / outdoor venues such as parks or rivers or reserves etc where members BYO everything.  

The gathering limit of 10 members at indoor venues rules out sit down type meals, so all runs including Pie Runs and Monthly Runs will be of an outdoor nature in the foreseeable future.



Please understand that we must abide by certain protocols for all our runs.

When you arrive at the starting point, report to the Run Coordinator who will record your name(s) and contact number.

Our outdoor gatherings are limited to 20 people and if more than 20 are participating the run coordinator will have to arrange 2 separate groupings. Sorry but other car clubs are getting clobbered for not complying with the rules and we do not want to risk your money or our Clubs money, or more importantly your health with non-compliance.

Do not go straight to the venue as this could jeopardise the whole event.

The other important requirement is to adhere to the 1.5 metre social distancing rule. This is going to be around for quite some time so we may as well get used to it.

If you do these things which is not too much to ask, we will all be able to get the old cars out again and go to different places and enjoy each other’s company.     



Thursday 6th August 2020. This will be to Manilla Weir and commence from the usual starting place between the Country Music Hall of Fame and Paradise Caravan Park departing at 11.00. It will be BYO everything and members might like to call in at the Manilla Bakery to obtain their pies or other food on their way to the weir.

Thursday 3rd September 2020. To Chaffey for viewing of dam from Lookout, then back to Woolomin for BYO lunch at normal place in the park.



Sunday 23rd August 2020 to Keepit Dam. BYO everything with departure at 9.30 from usual starting point. Entry to the park will be at your own expense, and the Park may require information for their own records and protocols.

Sunday 20th September 2020. Apsley Dam. To be confirmed.



Endeavours have been made to re-start our conventional face to face meetings but this is just not possible at present, so in the meantime we will continue with video link meetings via Zoom. Meetings are held on a Thursday night and in order to distribute information to as many people as possible, a summary of the meeting will be provided to members at the following monthly Sunday run.

Thursday 20th August 2020 at 7.30. Annual General Meeting which principally involves the Clubs finances and election of the Management Committee. The AGM could be deferred, but as the major items have been addressed and satisfactorily accounted for, it has been decided to proceed with the AGM.

This will be followed by the August monthly meeting.

Information on both these meetings will be forwarded to participants beforehand.


Other future runs:

20 September 2020. Boggabri Tractor Display has been cancelled.

24-25 October 2020. CHMC (Bush Council) 50th Anniversary celebrations at Raymond Terrace have been cancelled.

24 October 2020.  CHMC (Bush Council) Annual General Meeting has been cancelled.

8 – 12 April 2021. CHMC (Bush Council) Annual Rally at Temora

10 April 2021.  CHMC (Bush Council) Annual General Meeting at Temora


Please take care and keep well, and we will do everything we can to maximise our events within the COVID framework.